(Below) Kim Hutsell and Weta's Greg
try out each other's weapon.
This is why a shorter weapon can sometimes
be advantageous!  Although, bigger guns do
make lovely big holes!
Heather E. Hutsell. Her Time Jumper dress is her own creation, made entirely from
a surplus parachute and covered in pocket watches. Pretty as a picture and always
on time! Rumor has it that the dress has something to do with a work-in-progress
Series episode? Movies script? Novel? Whatever it is...she isn't telling!
Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!!!
The Time Jumper (Heather E. Hutsell) under
the watchful eye of
Doctor Who.
Photo credit...?
The Starburner 2000, standard issue for all Messengers in the employ
of the
Starburner Galactic Courier Service. Designed around and built
mostly from found parts by
Kim Hutsell.
The Starburner 2000 comes with a custom built case constructed of
all the finest, up-to-date materials available to the 1870's craftsman.
Portrait by
Livio Ramondelli
Commissioned during
Comic Con 2008
The Unnatural Selector vs Starburner 2000
This, of course, is an alias. The true identities of
those employed by the
Starburner Galactic Courier
are never revealed.  Anonymity protects the
courier, the company and the client. But why use old
men for conveying messages or sensitive
documents across space and time?  For all the
same reasons that have allowed them to become
old men.  They know things, things that can be
gleaned only through  years of experience, things
that ripen into the kind of wisdom that has aided
them in surviving not most, but every battle, every
hardship, every obstacle placed in their path. They
do what is necessary to complete their task
because nothing less is acceptable. They wield the
skills of diplomacy and the art of deception. They
can stir a whirlwind of attention without disturbing a
house of cards. They're loyalty to the mission is
rock solid and they never...EVER...yield to the
highest bidder. They cannot be seduced by riches,
fame or pleasure, coerced by rationalization or
debate, nor broken by pain. They can suffer that
which the young cannot imagine and navigate the
treachery of those who would have them deviate
from their appointed duty. Their word truly is their
bond. Honor above all.